Vanilla Rose Cakes


About Lisa:

I have been passionate about making cakes since I was a child. I remember starting out at about 8 years old making peppermint creams, melting moments and ‘fairy cakes’ in my Mum’s kitchen. I then graduated to making all the birthday and occasional cakes for my family and friends. It seemed a ‘Lisa cake’ was always an anticipated treat and I just loved the sense of pride and satisfaction I felt upon presenting these early creations.

On reflection the feedback even then was always how wonderful they looked and more importantly tasted…

More recently I have continued to bake for friends, family and with my two small children Lauren and Jack and decided the time was right to make my passion my work…

And so, in 2010, I opened Vanilla Rose. 

About my Cakes:

I have a very simple cake philosophy… to have the very best cake you need to use the very best ingredients you can. A memorable cake is not just about the decoration but the flavour, texture and aroma. Therefore my cakes are made using quality ingredients, fresh free range eggs from a local farm, finest organic chocolate, quality earl grey tea, fresh fruit, and finest extracts of rose water, orange, vanilla and almond. There are absolutely no artificial preservatives and each cake is made to order by hand, by me.

In addition, I do not use artificial colours in my classic range of cakes and cupcakes but natural ones, and often I simply let the natural colours of the fruit and other ingredients shine through.

For certain designs, use of artificial decorations and colours may be necessary to achieve the appropriate end result, and we can discuss that when you place your order.

My approach to cake making is instinctive and my style reflects my desire to create something from the heart that is truly homemade and bespoke for my client.

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